“A flourishing spiritual community”


Welcome to Holy Apostles Orthodox Church. We are an Orthodox Christian community of diverse members located in Bowling Green, KY. Whether you are a guest, an inquirer, or a visitor from another parish, we are so happy to have you here. Our website is intended to introduce you to our community, as well as, provide you with a brief overview of the Orthodox Church and faith. Our priest, Father Terence Johnston , is available to meet with you and answer any questions you may have about Orthodox Christianity, or about your spiritual experience, or personal faith journey.


If you have never visited an Orthodox Church, we love having visitors. At Holy Apostles, we realize attending a new church can be intimidating. Even though Orthodox Christianity might seem different, you will find a parish full of warm and welcoming people who live and work in the same community as you. As a visitor you may have some questions about Orthodox Christianity. "I´m new Here" covers some of the practical questions you may have as a newcomer or inquirer. In addition, "About Orthodoxy" will answer more extensive questions you may have. If you are curious to know what to expect during your visit, please click here.



4358 Smallhouse RD, Bowling Green KY 42101


“Mission Statement: Holy Apostles will be an Orthodox Christian community committed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the city of Bowling Green, Kentucky and the surrounding area through promoting spiritual growth, providing opportunities for parishioners to bond as family, practicing serving those in need. Christ in our Midst! He is and ever shall be!”