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St Anna's Ladies Society

The Ladies Society reflects the mission of the Holy Apostles Orthodox Church by promoting Spiritual Growth, Providing Opportunities for Parishioners to Bond as Family, and Practice Serving those in Need.


Promoting Spiritual Growth: the Ladies participate in several Book Studies and Bible studies during the course of the year.  We participate in Lenten Retreats both physically at our church and virtually through Zoom.  We decorate our church for Nativity, Pascha, and Pentecost and adore our icons for the Great Feast Days.  The Ladies organize the baking of Holy Bread or Phosphora for our church. When participating in each, we experience a deeper sense of Jesus Christ.


  Providing Opportunities for Parishioners to Bond as Family: the Ladies get together for various reasons…for Quarterly meetings at restaurants or fun events as Secret Sister and our St.Anna Slava. The Ladies’ focus much of their time on our Church and look at it as our home.  The Ladies work together to organize the Fellowship Meals each Sunday and work together to cook, clean, and keep our Church beautiful. When completing each task or event, we bond as a family.


 Practice  Serving those in Need: Our Almsgiving includes those both inside our Parish and outside in

 the community with food, clothing, school supplies, and furniture. We have several ministries, including the Freezer, College Student, and Card Ministry. We also provide various monetary donations. Our fundraisers, such as our Christmas Cookie Sale and Virtual Auction, help us to accomplish these goals to help those in need!

Upcoming Events

Fellowship Meals April 30-August 30

May 12- Team 4

May 19-Team1

May 26-Team 2

June 2-Team 3

June 9-Team 4

June 16-Team 1

June 23-Team 2

June 30-Team 3 

July 7-Team 4

July 14 –Team 1 

July 21-Team 2 

July 28-Team 3

August 4 -Team 4  (Dormition Fast)

August 11-Team 1 (Dormition Fast)

August 18-Team 2

August 25-Team 3

September 1-Team 4

September 8 - Team 1

September 15 - Team 2

September 22 - Team 3

Spetember 29 - Team 4

Find your Fellowship Team

Team 1

Denise and Dan Reetzke*

Shawna and Miljan Blagojevic

Marlaine and Hanna Khouryieh

Brandon Hunton

Jordon And Jackson Rolett

Eric Pruett

Chelsea and Chris Suleski


Team 2

Jeanette Burt*

Michali and Aspa Trivizadakis

Peter and Anna Kurpulus

Erika Brady

Amanda Smith

Team 3

Wes and Sophie McAdams*

Adrian Olmstead

Daniel and Katie Reetzke

Melissa and Derick Johnson

Tabitha and Ryan Bailey

Anna Norris

Debbie and Emil Kurtisi

Team 4

Brayden and Christina Apple*

Debbie Brann

Josh and Hannah

Alex and Rosie Hunt

Jessie Crosby

Jeanette Dabit

Jeremy Langston

Fellowship Meal Building Fund

Fellowship Meal Building Fund Donor Drive to reach $10,000.00 by end of 2023. 

Ladies Society is sponsoring a Fellowship Meal Building Fund Donation Drive during the Fellowship Meal. The Ladies Society happily placed the first $1000.00 in the pot so we have $9,000.00 to go by the end of 2023. Thank you, Danica for the beautiful poster!

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